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Genuine solution with the Savings Account

Save in the most flexible way with unlimited deposits and withdrawals: the Savings account remunerates the money you put aside whenever it is convenient and possible for you, without locking it. Interests are calculated at the end of each day and will be paid to your account each quarter. You have the possibility to choose the currency that is right for you and have instant-access to your funds at any time.


Keeps your savings safe

3 - funds available at any time

Funds available at any time

3 - available in local & foreign currencies

Available in Local & Foreign currencies

3 - no restriction in additional deposits

No minimum or maximum amount

Key features

Opening a BFL Saving Account is free and risk-free. It offers you many advantages:

  • A safe investment with no risk of capital loss.
  • No transaction can make your savings account debit.
  • All the operations are free, whether it is an opening or a closing of the account, its maintenance, a payment or a withdrawal of money.
  • No time limit, the BFL saving account can be held for life.
  • No lock-in or blocking of savings: the money invested is available at any time, you can withdraw all or part of your savings as soon as you need it.
  • Interest is calculated daily and paid quarterly to your savings account.
  • Available in LAK, USD, THB and EUR

How to open an account

  • Person of legal age or legal entities holding a package at Banque Franco Lao can open a Savings Account.
  • Proof of identity, residence and income must be up to date.

Download the up-to-date deposit rates

Our Deposit rates are subject to change with a 30 days prior notice, please contact our team on contact@bfl.la or +856 21 285 444 in case of any questions

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