Any projects in mind? Make them happen!

Whether you are planning a trip, thinking of a new purchase, wanting to spoil yourself or thinking bigger, a little help is always welcome. When you need extra cash to give life to your projects, BFL stands ready: see us as your side-by-side banking partner to help you give life to every of your projects, at every turning point.

My personal needs

I am becoming independent


Enter your adulthood with confidence with banking products that can help you making your first steps the right way.

My Needs Sub - I want to start saving

I want to start saving


Start putting money aside with flexible saving solutions, to prepare tomorrow or to fulfill a future project.

My Needs Sub - I anticipate the next step

I anticipate the next step


Being entrepreneur is one of your mid-term objective? Make your project move forward by starting building up savings from now.

My family needs


I am getting married


Dream big and make the most of your special day, without having to worry of the budget as BFL got you covered.

I am starting my own family


Take action on securing your loved ones’ financial future by setting saving goals. Have a look at our saving options.

My Needs Sub - I am building a new home

I am building a new home


Building a new house, acquiring an apartment or giving a new lease of life to your current place? See how our Home Loan can fit your project.

I am preparing my children’s education


Already thinking about your kids education? Ensure they grab opportunities and plan it from today and with serenity, thanks to long-term savings plan.

My little whims


I want to treat myself


Satisfy a long lasting need by getting what makes you happy with a little extra cash. Find out more about our Personal Loans.


I am planning my next trip


Whatever destination is on your bucket list, get ready to wander and to enjoy as you wish while you are there. A worry-free travel with the little help BFL can provide.


I am getting a new car


Hit the road driving behind the wheel of the brand new car you have been eyeing for a while. Learn more about our affordable and flexible Car Loan.