Put aside at your own pace with our Saving solutions


There is always something to save for: a trip, a new electronic device, a business project or to secure your future. Start making your money work for you and reach your financial objectives. Whether they are short, mid or long term objectives, by saving at your own pace. And because we understand everyone’s lifestyle is different, BFL came up with solutions, that can accommodate your preferences and budget. Our saving options starts from 3 months up to 10 years, with most competitive rate to guarantee you earn high returns. Find out which one fits you the best.

Savings account

The day-to-day Savings option


First savings of precaution. You pay in or withdraw the amounts of your choice at any time according to the rhythm that suits you. The interests are calculated from day to day and are paid to you quarterly.

Build Your Future account

Set long-term saving goals


With the Build Your Future account, save without even thinking of it! A convenient way to save, through monthly deposits for which you set the amount at the opening. Ideal for long-term financial objectives. 

Fixed Term Deposit

Boost your earnings


Grow your money through a secure and attractive Fixed Term Deposit account. It offers flexibility in the term and currency options, allowing you to maximise your earnings with a fixed rate. Perfect for short and mid term objectives!

Have a glimpse of some of your benefits!

Competitive interest rates

Designed for short and long term goals

Available in local & foreign currencies