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Go for a remunerated account with low-risk and high returns. Its competitive and attractive interest rates makes the Fixed Term Deposit the right option if you want to grow your savings. BFL makes available different maturity options, from 3 months to 3 years, and gives you the possibility to choose among the 4 currencies available.


High Returns

High returns

5 - payment of interest options

Payment of interest options

5 - maturity options

Maturity options

8 - local & foreign currencies available

Local & Foreign currencies available

How to open an account

  • Account Opening Form to be filled out and provided
  • Identification documents (ID card or passport, family book) required
  • Enterprise Registration Certificate (ERC) and Articles of Association required
  • Certificate of residence, utility bills or Working/Residency permit to be provided

Key features

  • Minimum opening balance: USD 1,500 or equivalence
  • Interest payments options to choose from upfront, monthly or at term
  • Maturity to choose from 3 months to 3 years
  • Available in LAK, USD, THB & EUR


  • No minimum opening balance
  • Account opening fees: LAK 20,000
  • No monthly fees
  • Available in LAK, USD, THB & EUR
  • Available for Individual & Joint account holders

Download the SME Fixed Term Deposit Fees & Charges

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