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A source of motivation is to have a complete career path, rich and extensive with many bridges (Sales & Support positions) to provide some beautiful opportunities for professional development.

Because everyone’s path is unique, we have dedicated human resource specialists who work with you as you progress on your journey with BFL. Our team are available and willing to help you to:

• Transform your ambition and capacity to go further
• Increase your skills through new successful experiences
• Provide you quick evolution to more responsibilities
Your success depends first of all on taking the initiative for your own career, combined with being a team player and a passion for outstanding performance.

BFL offers an extensive diversity of professions such as Sales functions, Legal, Control, IT and production of banking service.



Promoting equal opportunities

At, BFL we do know how to manage skills and differences.
For example almost as many teams are managed by womens than mens.


Improve work conditions

Periodic staff activities, an available management team, human ressources department, renovations of service-units and headquarter.


Following the careers

A part of the revenues of the bank is every year allowed to staff training (Sales, Marketing, Banking knowledge and skills).



Wonderful positions waiting for a new collaborator




Head of BFL Private Banking and Banking on Women

The Head of our BFL Private & Banking on Women customers must ensure superior customer service and contribute to the overall customer experience of BFL Private & Banking on Women; and cultivate long term relationship through effective relationship management. Must be able to increase the size and quality of clients' portfolios by providing sound financial guidance and offering customized product solutions in accordance with the bank's prescribed standards as well as industry regulatory requirements.

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Vientiance HQ
Card Center Officer

The Card Center Officer is responsible for the department daily operational such as response to customer inquiries, card production, acquiring and issuing transaction monitoring, POS/Merchant setup and maintenance.

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Vientiane HQ
Card Center
Risk Officer

The Risk Officer is going to assists daily control within the bank’s activity. Mostly monitors second level of control which is derived from daily operations from many departments within the bank; checks focus on compliance with internal procedures, identifying control weaknesses and recommending improvements where possible.

Download here the full Job descriptive

Vientiance HQ
Risk and Compliance

To responsible for administering daily in-out mailbox reception, customer information counter, vehicle booking operation and coordinate functions and activities with other departments.

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Vientiane HQ
HR Administration

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