Banking on Women

Women in Lao PDR, and notably businesswomen, have difficulty accessing financial services. Our mission at BFL Bank Laos is to better support women owned SMEs.

To do so we created the BFL Banking on Women initiative, to provide Lao Women Entrepreneurs access to dedicated financial services, distinctly designed to best accommodate their needsand unlock their gorwth potential.

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Innovative financial services from the first european bank in Laos.
We provide financial advisory to help women grow their financial skills and ease their access to capital.
We leverage our expertise to offer mentoring to the next generation of lao women entrepreneurs*.
We support a network of women SMEs with dedicated financal solutions to help develop their projects.

Become one of our BFL Banking on Women member!

Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs in Laos

BFL Banking on Women, started in 2017, aims to expand 'Access to Finance' for Lao Women and entrepreneurs.The bank is supporting a network of women-owned SME by providing affordable financing solutions in a sustainable and profitable way, as well as financial advisory and mentoring services. A dedicated Corporate Social Responsibility program has also been initiated with UNFPA and local partners, with its purpose aimed at reducing gender inequalities and developing financial literacy among vulnerable rural women population.


Mrs. Veomanee Douangdala is a natural ambassador for Lao textiles, representing and preserving Lao handicraft through her brand Ock Pop Tock. Read this article to discover who she is inspiring young Lao women to empower themselves.

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Ms. Toune Sisouphanthavong is the founder & owner of different businesses such as: Maison Dalabua Hotel, Manda de Laos Restaurant, Gaspard Restaurant, Laos Hospitality Consulting and D Packing Plastic Factory.

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Ms. Douangmany HEUANGKHAMSENE is the founder and managing director of Her Works, as well as the production manager of the Bountem Gold & Jewelry Manufacturing which is a family owned business.

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